Damaged Series Book 1

Damaged Soul

Damaged Volume 1

Black Sheets Book 1

Eli Mason is damaged. His life story has been a sequence of tragedies, and his soul has barely survived intact. Yet, despite the trauma of his past, he continues to endure, making it through each day the best way that he can…even if it’s not always the healthiest way.
Jack Winthrop is a wealthy man and a respected Dom in his community, but since the death of his lover five years ago, he’s felt empty. Despite the line of subs waiting to warm his bed, he’s been unable to find anyone to fill that void in his heart that aches deep down into the depths of his soul. Meeting Eli reawakens his spirit, but the young man has no experience in the BDSM lifestyle, and Jack has no desire for a vanilla relationship.
Can these two damaged souls find healing together?



Damaged Book 2

Damaged Trust

Damaged Volume 2

Black Sheets Book 2

Eli and Jack seem to have settled into a perfect balance in their relationship.  Eli has finally found solace from his anxiety and that overwhelming desire to cut, and Jack has found an amazing young man to fill the gaping hole and aching need that’s consumed his own heart.  But nothing in life is perfect.  While Eli has given himself over to Jack, mind, body and soul, Jack has kept a secret about his own traumatic past.  What will happen when Jack’s grief over the death of his past lover rises up with a vengeance to destroy everything he’s built with Eli? How will Eli cope when the one man he thought he could trust betrays him?


Used Goods

Black Sheets Book 3

Michael lives a normal, boring life.  Well…with the exception of being a Dom.  But since the dissolution of his last relationship, even that area of his life hasn’t held a great deal of excitement.  While he has an unending supply of confidence once he steps into his playroom, he finds it difficult to show that same sexy self-assurance in his daily life.  Instead, he often comes off as cold and judgmental or shy and awkward, none of which are particularly alluring.  So without a sub, he spends most of his day holed up in his office writing about a fantastical world that doesn’t exist and characters who probably wouldn’t notice him if they passed him on the street.  It’s safer there.  No one can break his heart again.

Aiden is a prostitute.  After running away from home just shy of turning 16, he’s had a hard life on the streets.  He never pictured his future this way.  This wasn’t ever his plan.  At 18, he thought he would be starting college, dating, and discovering his identity.  Instead, he’s spent the last few years desperately trying to hold onto who he is while the world slowly sucks him dry.

When Michael spots Aiden on the street, he sets aside his judgmental attitude to help a young man in need, and Aiden battles his mistrust to cling to the chance for a new life that doesn’t involve selling his body.

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