I am a true Southerner, born and raised below the Mason-Dixon Line where I plan to stay until the end of my days. I live with a crazy coonhound who’s actually an evil genius intent on taking over the world, a sweetheart of a pibble who loves to cuddle, and my ginger Mr. who’s always ready with a cheesy joke.

I’ve been writing stories since the second grade; although, I hope that my plot lines and character development have strengthened up some over the last couple of decades.  I only recently delved into the M/M Romance genre, and it’s been an interesting challenge for me.  I’m not writing M/M stories in my own voice, so if you’d like recommendations for some really great authors who are, just shoot me a message.  They’re much better qualified to write these stories than I am (although I hope you keep reading my books as well).

My storylines primarily focus on May-December relationships because I enjoy the dynamic that an age gap adds to a romance, but some of my WIPs involve characters of similar ages.  I would consider my writing to be erotica.  I grew up reading Harlequin Romances with all of their gloriously gratuitous and overly dramatic sex scenes, so my books do have a lot of sex, but I also think they have a lot of love.  I don’t believe that romance has to be sweet and sugary and cute.  It can be raw and dirty and sweaty as long as there’s true passion, an authentic connection, and naked emotion…with an emphasis on the naked.

I’m also a staunch supporter of Kurt Vonnegut’s advice that you have to make awful things happen to your characters so you know what they’re really made of.  So, my books may seem dark at times, but I always promise a happy ending….eventually.  (Sometimes that happy ending might take awhile, though.  Writing is my hobby, not my profession, so I always have to prioritize.)

I want y’all to enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy creating them, so I always welcome any comments.

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