I’m back from vacation (unfortunately), and I’ve officially decided to split the Shattered series into a trilogy.  When I started the first book, I had a very different outline laid out for my two characters, and as that plot slowly changed, I realized I couldn’t do their story justice by rushing through the finale.  The tentative title for Book 3 will be Shattered Dreams, but I haven’t totally committed to the name yet.  I’m also writing a side story that involves another character from Book 3 that takes place 6 years prior.  It’s called Broken, and it revolves around the lead singer of Broken Deception.

I had an awesome reader offer to beta read Shattered Heart for me, and I’ve handed over a draft, so now I can stop hacking it to pieces with my Delete and Backspace buttons.  I don’t have a release date quite yet because once I have comments, criticisms, and corrections in hand, I’ll have to go through them to see where I need to make adjustments.  I want y’all to know that I appreciate the patience and support that everyone has shown.  Writing is just a hobby for me, so my life and career can definitely interfere with my plans, but I promise that I will continue to publish as long as you continue to read my books.  It just might take me awhile sometimes.

I also haven’t forgotten about my Black Sheets BDSM series which will be an indefinite number of books depending on how many characters I decide to write about.  Used Goods will be my next one in the series.  It follows Michael (who was introduced in Damaged Trust) and Aiden (who I hope everyone falls in love with).

I do most of my updates and teasers on Facebook, but you can also follow me on Twitter or through my blog.  I’ll try to keep you informed.

Happy reading!