So, I’ve decided that I’m writing the book that never ends, and I need the opinion of my readers.  Would you rather I go ahead and publish a chunk of what I have written of Shattered Heart and release this series as a trilogy?  That’s probably what’s going to happen anyways, but I would really appreciate everyone’s input on this.  I never actually intended any of my books to be serial (I personally hate cliffhangers when I’m reading), but sometimes it’s hard to wrap things up quickly (and hard to let go of characters that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into).  I would make the split so that book 2 is a little longer than book 1 was; although, book 3 will most likely end up a little shorter.  At this point, I feel like I’m writing one of those soap operas that airs on TV for 30 years, and I hate making everyone wait.