So, I’ll admit that I forgot about my blog.  I’ve primarily been using my social media accounts to stay in touch with my readers, but I enjoy writing these posts.  I’ll try to be  better.  I promise.

In Too Deep

Kate Sherwood

This is the first book I’ve read by Kate Sherwood, and I loved it.  You have brooding Cade with a dark past and a dysfunctional family colliding with golden boy Aiden who’s determined to win him over.  How could it not be a great romance?

In the Middle of Somewhere

Roan Parrish

Parrish is another new-to-me author suggested by Twitter.  This book was very well-written and gave a great deal of insight into the characters’ motivations and struggles through the main character’s internal monologue and the other characters’ actions.  Daniel, a city boy with a brand spanking new PhD to add after his name, meets Rex, the handsome lumberjack-looking hunk in the woods.  Drama, sweetness, and sex ensue.  I also enjoyed the secondary characters.  I would love to see Leo and Will get their own book.

Maybe Someday

Colleen Hoover

Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her…with her roommate.  She ends up moving in with her neighbor, Ridge, who has captivated her with his amazing talent at playing the guitar.  Sparks fly, but he has a girlfriend.  If you can suspend a little belief, you’ll enjoy this book.  I loved Colleen Hoover’s Slammed series, which is why I purchased this book.  So, I highly recommend those novels as well!

Happy reading!!!