So, I’m still struggling through Shattered Heart.  I’m not sure why I find Cade and Blake so difficult to write sometimes.  I wrote the Damaged sequel in about 4 months (and for those of you who don’t know, I have a full-time job in addition to self-publishing), but I’ve been typing away at Shattered Heart since November, and I’m still not done.  I don’t remember these two guys being this exhausting in the first book, but they’ve definitely been wearing me out in their sequel.  I think that I’ve rewritten almost every section at least once, but at least some of those edits have helped my story progress.  I don’t want to leave anyone hanging.  I feel that I owe my readers updates, and I will let you know when I’m doing my final edits.  I’m also still working on Used Goods, the third book in the Black Sheets Series.  I’ve made a lot of progress on Michael and Aiden’s story; although, I don’t really have a timeline as to when I plan to publish.  I’ve discovered that I’m terrible at guessing release dates.  If you want to see teasers, ask questions, interact with me, or just learn about the random thoughts that fill my head, I’m currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  There are links to all of my social media accounts on my blog site.  I’m much more active on those than I am on WordPress.