Trouble in the Air by M.A. Blisher

M/M Polygamous Romance

This is actually the fourth book in the Five in a Bed series.  It follows five men who are in a committed, polygamous relationship with a domestic discipline aspect.  The dynamics can be a little…different at times, but I like each individual character, and it has the added suspense of a crazy ex.

Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks


So, I was very sad that Oliver Sacks passed away last year.  He’s the famous neurologist behind Awakenings.  His books are very well-written, entertaining, and you actually learn something about the brain.  This book is about the unusual relationship that humans have with music, and how it can actually effect us physiologically.

Wool (Omnibus) by Hugh Howey

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

My best friend kept insisting that I read this series of books because she loved them, so I finally gave in.  This book is long, and it moves very slowly, but the mystery of the plot has kept me intrigued enough to keep reading.  I’m at 35% and still trucking.  It takes place in this giant silo where the survivors of the human race have been living for several generations after some sort of Armageddon devastated the outside world.

The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman


I expected this to be a funny, light read, and it does have a lot of Silverman’s sarcastic humor injected into the prose, but it actually covers some serious topics and gives a lot of insight into her childhood.