I had a reader ask how many books will be in each series before our characters have their happily ever after. I thought that others might have this question as well, so I wanted to add a post about this.

Jack and Eli’s story began in Book 1 Damaged Soul and will conclude in Book 2 Damaged Trust. I have at least three other stories outlined that will include characters from their BDSM community to follow, but Jack and Eli will only make cameo appearances in those books.

Cade and Blake’s story should also be a two-part series. I don’t intend to continue their storyline beyond their second book at this time; however, they may pop up in the future.

I have other projects started for readers who prefer a little more romance and a little less kink, but they are still in their infancy right now. I promise to post my progress.

Thank you for your questions and comments!